One of the priorities within the WCA Strategic and Action plans is the development of a full formed framework for coaching that is specific to the needs of the WCA cricket community. This will involve utilising the New Zealand Cricket coaching pathway, which contains theory modules online as well as practical courses run by both Central Districts and Wairarapa coach developers. In addition, the WCA will work with the Sport Wellington coaching hub to create meetings, seminars and or practical sessions to supplement development.

On this page you will find all relevant information relating to what is happening in the WCA coaching space. We will update this as often as possible to let you know about anything new that may be of interest to you.

New Zealand Cricket Coaches Corner – click on the below to enhance your coaching knowledge through both or either of the Foundation and Advanced Foundation coaching modules offered by NZC

Level 1 Coaching Course

The WCA are keen to send up to 6 coaches to the NZC Level 1 Course hosted by Central Districts in Palmerston North (Manawatu Cricket Association Centre) on the weekend of 26 & 27 August 2017. The WCA will cover the costs of all six attendees, including accommodation on the Saturday night.

Pre-requisites for attending include currently coaching at JCB Club hardball level and above, potential interest in WCA representative coaching at any level, and prior attendance at a WCA hosted “Coaching A Team” course

Sport injury treatment & referral booklet final 25112016Athlete Preparation / Injury Prevention

Preventing injuries – Coaches

Preventing injuries is a key part of player safety and encouraging enjoyment of the sport.

The following are some tips for preventing injuries during practices and games:
• Plan a proper warm up before all practices as well as games.
• Check all players have water to keep hydrated during the session or game.
• Ensure everyone has the protective equipment they need (eg mouth guards, shin pads).
• Check for players with previous injuries.
• Make sure any fitness drills and skills training are appropriate for the players’ age and stage so they’re not being asked to do things that could cause an injury.
• Make sure players cool down and stretch afterwards to avoid cramp and muscle injuries.

Consider what needs to be in place if a player gets injured:
• Have a first aid kit on hand and check it’s fully stocked.
• Have the contact details for players’ parents.
• Check if any parents have first aid certificates and are available to attend practices and/ or games.
• Make sure you have this injury treatment and referral guide on hand.

What to do if a player gets injured
• Check the player can safely be removed from the game. If you are concerned they have a major injury, call for medical assistance or an ambulance.
• Move them to sideline and do a quick assessment of the injury.
• Follow the injury treatment and referral guideline in your first aid kit for information on:
o immediate treatment – what to do straight away
o where to refer the person to – for further advice or treatment.
• Details from the outline are in the chart below.