This page will advertise any WCA clothing or kit that our community may wish to purchase.

Standard playing uniforms and volunteers attire for coaches / managers are provided by the WCA, clothing on this page will be anything additional we feel the community may be interested in.

WCA use BLK as their uniform supplier and whilst you may make an order online anytime WCA will only place an order with BLK when we have enough to meet minimum requirements. Delivery can be anywhere between 6-8 weeks. We will always advertise dates that we require orders in by.

WCA Hoodie

This is the WCA community hoodie which is available to anybody to place an order, whether you are a representative, club or school player, a supporter or just cold.

Hoodies are $ 80.00 each and payment will be required to be made to the WCA before the order to BLK is placed.

Hoodies are now available for purchase and if numbers allow the WCA will be sending an initial order through on 28 July 2017. To place your order please complete the below form, including applicable size. Once placed you will receive a message with the WCA bank a/c number for payment to be made (this can also be obtained from Operations Manager Simon Roseingrave on ) Your payment will require name and “hoodie” noted in the payment details.

You will be notified as soon as the Hoodies arrive and they will be available for collection from the Sport Wellington-Wairarapa building.

Follow this link for sizing BLK Size Guide Orders can be made in male, female and junior sizing.