School Programmes

On this page you will find information relating to all school delivery programmes & festival days offered by WCA development staff at a variety of levels.

Some of these programmes are NZ Cricket initiatives which are delivered nationwide by Association staff (Super Starter Cricket Skills) and others are WCA created (Back Yard Cricket) which have been designed to cater for the specific needs of our community.

Delivery Programmes & Festival Days

NZC Super Starter Skills Programme

In-School delivery for Primary Schools, 4 sessions per class covering transferable and cricket specific skills. For more information refer to this PDF:

Back Yard Cricket

A Wairarapa designed skill delivery programme for Year 9 & 10 secondary school students, run by the WCA development team. The delivery involves basic transferable skill coaching (catching and throwing), combined with more specific cricket elements (bowling and batting) over 3 lessons per PE class. The 3rd lesson is a game of Back Yard Cricket (all equipment provided by the WCA) which incorporate all class participants and all skill development.

The WCA host an inter-school Back Yard Cricket finals day in November of each year with all participating schools invited to send two to three teams (mixed gender) to compete at the QE II Oval.

CWC Festival Day

Primary Girls Festival Day