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      With more than a quarter of the current Blackcaps international team, Wairarapa boasts a proud tradition.
    Ross Taylor – raised in Masterton
    Jesse Ryder – left Wairarapa during his secondary school years
    Doug Bracewell – four years at Rathkeale College
    Elizabeth Perry – attended Chanel College and a White Fern for 4 years including 2011 Player of the Series in England. Double International having also played 5 games for the Black Sticks.
    Previous and current local first class players also include Greg Todd, Seth Rance, Anlo vanDeventer and Melissa Hansen.


The New Zealand Cricket (Inc.) Code of Conduct shall apply in all games controlled by Wairarapa Cricket, except representative fixtures. It shall include all players playing in a match or attending the match in any other capacity including as a spectator.

Plus the following provisions relating to Official Warning, Sin Bin, and Expulsion. Also note special conditions relate to reporting procedure when no official umpires are appointed to a match.

Breaches of the Code of Conduct may be reported by any of the following

(i)  Official Umpire

(ii)  Executive Members of Wairarapa Cricket

(iii)  Team managers or team captains

(iv)  Official match referee/observer

Official umpires have the following powers:

(i)  Official warning: An official umpire may issue an official warning for any breach of the Code of Conduct under the control of that umpire

The umpire shall advise the other umpire, the player concerned, both captains when appropriate and report the matter to Wairarapa Cricket .

(ii)  Sin Bin: An official umpire may send a player from the field for 30 minutes for any breach of the Code of Conduct.

(a) A batsman sent to the sin bin may only return at the fall of a wicket when his expulsion time has expired.

(b) A bowler shall leave the field immediately and the over completed by another bowler.

(c) A fielder shall leave the field immediately.

(d) A player receiving 2 official warnings in the same game shall be sent to the Sin Bin.

(e) The umpire shall advise the player concerned, the other umpire, both captains immediately and report the matter to the Management Board.

(iii)  Expulsion: An official umpire may expel a player from the play for any of the following:

(a) Assaulting, attempting to assault or threatening to assault an umpire, player or spectator

(b) Being sent to the Sin Bin twice in the same game.

(c) Receiving three official warnings in the same game.

A player expelled from the game may not be replaced for the rest of the game.

The umpire will inform the other umpire, the player concerned, both captains immediately and report the matter to Wairarapa Cricket.

Failure of a player to leave the field immediately will render his team liable for loss of points and/or monetary fine as determined by the Management Board.

(iv)  The umpire(s) have the authority to issue an Official Warning or Sin Bin at the conclusion of a day’s play.

(v)  Umpire Requirements

If there are two umpires standing, they must agree on the issuing of any Official Warning, Sin Bin or Expulsion.

A Code of Conduct report form must be completed and signed by both umpires. It is to be received by the Chairman or Administration Officer of the Association no later than 2 hours after the close of the days play.

 Demerit Points:

In addition to other penalties, the player shall receive the following demerit points

(i) Official warning = 2 demerit points

(ii) Sin Bin = 4 demerit points

(iii) Expulsion = 12 demerit points


(a) A player receiving demerit points shall be subject to the following penalties

(i) 6 demerit points in one season = 1 day suspension

(ii) 8 demerit points = 2 days suspension

(iii) 10 demerit points = 3 days suspension

(iv) 12 demerit points – Referred to Code of Conduct Commissioner

(b) Suspensions take effect immediately and apply to all club and representative games involving Wairarapa teams

(c) Demerit points shall have effect only in the season they are given unless decided otherwise by the Management Board.

The Management Board reserves the right to forward any Report to the Code of Conduct Commissioner and to New Zealand Cricket.

(a) Wairarapa Cricket  shall notify the club in writing of any suspension or demerit points before the next days play.

(b) No suspension and/or demerit points shall take effect until such written notice is given to the Club.

All Clubs must endeavour to ensure all their members are aware of the Code of Conduct and insist that their members comply with the Code of Conduct while representing the Club.

Reporting Procedures

Where Match Official/s have been appointed, the reporting procedure and time limit as set out under the NZC Code of Conduct shall apply. If there are no Match Official/s any reporting must be provided to the Administration Officer 2 hours after the close of the days play in writting.

All hearings shall be dealt with by the Code of Conduct Commissioner as laid out in the New Zealand Cricket Code of Conduct.