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Below you can see quick links to the various rules that apply to the Wairarapa Cricket Association and all cricket within its jurisdiction.

Competition Rules

Captains Duties – Players/Umpires Expectations

Code of Conduct – Applies to all members

Rules & Regulations that Apply to All Members

Umpires Cup Rules

Senior Championship Rules – (Bidwell Cup)

T20 Rules Senior and Open Grade

Second Grade Rules 

Wairarapa Cricket Assocation Transfer form

Laws of Cricket

For the full Laws of Cricket, please visit the MCC website.

The Laws of Cricket, as applied in New Zealand, are reproduced in The Umpire’s Companion.

NZC Playing Conditions

The full NZC Playing Conditions 2014/15 for all competitions and tournaments are now available.

LBW Law – a

Limitation of overs for pace bowlers who are under 19

The Pitch & Crease Markings (Groundsmen take note!)

The Protected Area (On the pitch)

Players Leaving the Field & Returning (during the match)

Unfair Play (Wides and No Balls)

The Bat (measurements, materials used)

The Bat – (Laws, Bat Grades, Usage)