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The JCB season now runs February-December. Please follow the draw even if there is a week washed out. We can schedule “replay” rounds in that case later on.

Hansel Wiramanaden will be doing Friday night cancellations. His info is h.wiramanaden@waicol.co.nz and Simon Roseingrave will be doing Saturday morning cancellations his info is 0274956884 development@wairarapacricket.co.nz .Cancellations can be on the following media www.wairarapacricket.co.nz and on Facebook under “Groups” Wairarapa Junior Cricket. Your junior coach will also be contacted as soon as a cancellation is made.

All results must be sent to Hansel Wiramanaden no later than Tuesday following the games.  Failure to send in results by this time means no points!


Due to the amount of throwing in the incrediball grade this rule will now be in place for all incrediball matches.

  1. If a bowler throws the ball the umpire must firstly give them a warning in order to correct the action. (If there is a wicket on the delivery it will not be counted, runs etc however will be scored to the batting team)
  2. If the bowler then throws another delivery one of two things can happen:

A) The bowler can be removed from the bowling crease (if another bowler finishes their over then it is counted as a full over to both bowlers)

B) The bowler can move up the wicket (roughly two thirds away from the batsman) and underarm the delivery. The same rules apply re no balls for number of bounces and height of delivery passing the batsman for the under arm delivery

Also wides and no balls are worth 2 runs in the Incrediball grade

These rules must now be adhered to and coaches/umpires need to enforce them.

There are no excuses for coaches and teams to not abide by these rules as all clubs have responded to the association noting the rule change

Many thanks

Wairarapa Junior Cricket Board



Friday 17 October

Hadlow vs Red Star Stags                                        Hadlow

Carterton Caps vs Red Star Firebirds                    Carrington Park

Red Star Volts vs Carterton Stars                           QE II Oval

Greytown 2 vs Red Star Sixers                                Greytown

Red Star Thunder vs Greytown 1                            QE II Oval

Red Star Heat vs Lansdowne                                  QE II Oval

Martinborough Eagles vs Martinborough Keas Martinborough School

Friday 24 October

Hadlow vs Martinborough Keas                             Hadlow

Martinborough Eagles vs Lansdowne                  Martinborough School

Greytown 1 vs Red Star Heat                                    Greytown

Red Star Thunder vs Greytown 2                              QE II Oval

Carterton Stars vs Red Star Sixers                           Carrington Park

Red Star Volts vs Carterton Caps                             QE II Oval

Red Star Stags vs Red Star Firebirds                      QE II Oval

Friday 31 October

Hadlow vs Red Star Firebirds                                    Hadlow

Red Star Volts vs Red Star Stags                               QE II Oval

Red Star Sixers vs Carterton Caps                            QE II Oval

Carterton Stars vs Red Star Thunder                       Carrington Park

Red Star Heat vs Greytown 2                                      QE II Oval

Martinborough Eagles vs Greytown 1                      Martinborough School

Friday 7 November

Lansdowne vs Hadlow                                                QE II Oval

Martinborough Keas vs Greytown 1                         Martinborough School

Greytown 2 vs Martinborough Eagles                     Greytown

Red Star Heat vs Carterton Stars                              QE II Oval

Carterton Caps vs Red Star Thunder                        Carrington Park

Red Star Stags vs Red Star Sixers                              QE II Oval

Red Star Firebirds vs Red Star Volts                        QE II Oval


7th March

Marty Eagles vs Red Star Stags                                   QE Oval

Carterton Stars vs Marty Keas                                    Marty

Hadlow vs Greytown                                                     Hadlow

Marist vs Red Star Firebirds                                        QE Oval

Lansdowne vs Red Star Volts                                      QE Oval


14th March

Red Star Stags vs Red Star Volts                                 QE Oval

Red Star Firebirds vs Lansdowne                              QE Oval

Greytown vs Marist                                                        Greytown

Marty Keas vs Hadlow                                                   Marty

Marty Eagles vs Carterton Stars                                 Carterton


21st March

Carterton Stars vs Red Star Stags                              QE Oval

Hadlow vs Marty Eagles                                               QE Oval

Marist vs Marty Keas                                                     QE Oval

Lansdowne vs Greytown                                              QE Oval

Red Star Volts vs Red Star Firebirds                         QE Oval



7th Feb

Incrediball Green

Greytown vs  Red Star Blaze                                       Greytown

Marty Hawks vs Red Star Strikers                             Marty

Carterton Demons vs Lansdowne Leopards         Park Sports 1

Carterton Caps vs Bye

Incrediball Blue

Marty Tuis vs Bye

Carterton Warriors vs Red Star Knights                  Carterton

Carterton Angels vs Lansdowne Lions                    Park Sports 3

Hadow vs Marist Shamrocks                                       Hadlow


14th Feb

Incrediball Green

Red Star blaze vs Bye

Lansdowne Leopards vs Carterton Caps                   Park Sports 1

Red Star Strikers vs Carterton Demons                  Carterton

Greytown vs Marty Hawks                                          Greytown

Incrdeiball Blue

Marty Tuis vs Carterton Warriors                             Marty

Red Star Knights vs Carterton Angels                      Park Sports 3

Lansdowne Lions vs Hadlow                                       Hadlow

Marist Shamrocks vs Bye


21st Feb

Incrediball Green

Marty Hawks vs Red Star Blaze                                  Marty

Carterton Demons vs Greytown                               Greytown

Carterton Caps vs Red Star Strikers                          Park Sports 3

Lansdowne Leopards vs Bye           

Incrediball Blue

Marist Shamrocks vs Lansdowne Lions                  Park Sports 1

Hadlow vs Red Star Knights                                        Hadlow

Carterton Angels vs Marty Tuis                                 Carterton

Carterton Warriors vs Bye


28th Feb

Incrediball Green

Red Star Blaze vs Lansdowne Leopards                  Park Sports 1

Red Star Strikers vs Bye

Greytown vs Carterton Caps                                       Greytown

Marty Hawks vs Carterton Demons                         Carterton

Incrediball Blue

Carterton Warriors vs Carterton Angels                                Carterton

Marty Tuis vs Hadlow                                                    Marty

Red Star Knights vs Marist Shamrocks                    Makoura

Lansdowne Lions vs Bye


7th March

Incrediball Green

Carterton Demons vs Red Star Blaze                       Carterton

Carterton Caps vs Marty Hawks                                                Carterton

 Greytown vs Bye

Lansdowne Leopards vs Red Star Strikers             Park Sports 1

Incrediball Blue

Lansdowne Lions vs Red Star Knights                     Park Sports 3

Marist Shamrocks vs Marty Tuis                                Marty

Hadlow vs Carterton Warriors                                   Hadlow

Carterton Angels vs Bye


14th March

Incrediball Green

Red Star Blaze vs Red Star Strikers                           Park Sports 3

Greytown vs Lansdowne Leopards                          Greytown

Marty Hawks vs Bye

Carterton Demons vs Carterton Caps                      Carterton

Incrediball Blue

Carterton Angels vs Hadlow                                       Hadlow

Carterton Warriors vs Marist Shamrocks               Makoura

Marty Tuis vs Lansdowne Lions                                 Park Sports 1

Red Star Knights vs Bye


21st March

Incrediball Green

Carterton Caps vs Red Star Blaze                              MIS

Carterton Demons vs Bye

Lansdowne Leopards vs Marty Hawks                    Park Sports 1

Red Star Strikers vs Greytown                                   Greytown

Incrediball Blue

Red Star Knights vs Marty Tuis                                   Marty

Lansdowne Lions vs Carterton Warriors                                Park Sports 3

Marist Shamrocks vs Carterton Angels                   Carterton

Hadlow vs Bye



8th Feb

Red Star Aces vs Wairarapa Girls              Park Sports 1

Greytown vs East Coast                                                Park Sports 3

Martinborough vs Red Star Wizards        Martinborough

Carterton vs Lansdowne                               Carterton


15th Feb

Wairarapa Girls vs Lansdowne                  MIS

Red Star Wizards vs Carterton                   Park Sports 1

East Coast vs Martinborough                      Park Sports 3

Red Star Aces vs Greytown                         Greytown


22nd Feb

Wairarapa Girls vs Red Star Wizards       MIS

East Coast vs Lansdowne                              Park Sports 1

Red Star Aces vs Carterton                          Park Sports 3

Greytown vs Martinborough                      Martinborough


1st March

Greytown vs Wairarapa Girls                     Greytown

Martinborough vs Red Star Aces               Carterton

Carterton vs East Coast                                 Park Sports 3

Lansdowne vs Red Star Wizards                Park Sports 1


8th March

Martinborough vs Wairarapa Girls          Martinborough

Carterton vs Greytown                                 Carterton

Lansdowne vs Red Star Aces                       Park Sports 1

Red Star Wizards vs East Coast                  Park Sports 3


15th March

Wairarapa Girls vs East Coast                     Park sports 3

Red Star Aces vs Red Star Wizards           Park Sports 1     

Greytown vs Lansdowne                              Greytown

Martinborough vs Carterton                       Martinborough


22nd March

Carterton vs Wairarapa Girls                      Carterton

Lansdowne vs Martinborough                   Park Sports 1

Red Star Wizards vs Greytown                  Greytown

East Coast vs Red Star Aces                         Park Sports 3